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Who We Are

Hunnicutt Associates is a consulting, valuation and appraisal company.  All of our services are customized to each client organization’s needs.


Our Mission

Hunnicutt Associates works with each unique client situation using a professional, friendly and meaningful approach.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our specialization in real estate and golf course valuations provides organizations with the information they need to move toward their future endeavors.


40 years of experience providing
exceptional service and valuation outcomes

David Hunnicutt, MAI, SGA, JD,

With over 40 years of consulting, valuation and appraisal experience working with financial institutions, developers, golf course owners and operators as well as state, local and federal agencies, David has gained an extensive background in appraisal of existing and proposed projects, partial interests, easements and regulatory takings.


The world of real estate appraisal is ever-changing, requiring increased specialization when unique valuation problems call for it. Over the years David has acquired an extensive background in a wide range of property types, and a particular specialization in the valuation of golf course properties, utilizing his knowledge and experience in applying proper valuation techniques and methodologies to this unique property type.


In providing continuing education to the profession, David has created, developed and instructed seminars on Easement Valuation, Appraisal of Golf Properties, Law and the Appraiser, and Regulatory Takings. He is an approved instructor for a wide range of courses and seminars through the Appraisal Institute, and has authored articles on such topics as Mortgage Fraud Litigation, Rules of Mediation/Arbitration in Washington, Rules of Evidence for Expert Witnesses, Daubert and the Appraiser and others.


David has assisted clients from a wide range of public and private industries navigate and understand the appraisal process – both from a legal and financial standpoint. Understanding the laws associated with large scale valuations is an important part of the work which he brings to all he serves.  It can be a daunting process but with our expertise the process will be seamless to you.


Please contact Hunnicutt and Associates when the need arises, and together we can solve your valuation problem. In the meantime, send us your name and email address below if you wish to receive our periodic newsletter.


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